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CTC offers a wide range of accounting services for kind of any business in UAE and are committed to keep the highest level of professional standards and quality.


The auditing division of CTC can offers the complete range of Audit and assurance services to meet the business needs of client in UAE.


The Value added Tax, commonly called VAT in business parlance, is the most common type of consumption tax levied on goods and services.


we provide a full range of Capital Management services, from in house managed public funds to tailor made discretionary solutions.

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With an experience and expertise in the field of accounting auditing, Taxation and management consultancy services, we have the proficiency and insight to help you understand the ins and outs of this new legislation. Our team of certified accountants, and tax specialists capable of developing a smart and proactive strategy to help your company tide the changes those are to come.

Get in touch with us today, and speak to a VAT consultant from our team.

Again if you are a business owner  who does not need a full time accountant but the needs professional accounting services to deal with new VAT and tax regulation OR simply wants to take care of yours books and Taxes on day to day basis because we are be

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