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November 17, 2017, 11:15 am

How to Register for VAT in the UAE ?

For VAT registration in the UAE, entity should complete an online VAT Registration form which is available on the Federal Tax Authority online portal. The Voluntary Registration started in third quarter of 2017. Once the registration is complete, a Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be provided to the applicant.

Matters to be considered and documents required for VAT Registration in the UAE.

Before starting VAT Registration in the UAE, the following points should be considered by the applicant:

1. Are you registering voluntarily or mandatorily?
2. Are you applying for Group registration or as single?
3. Supporting documents or information required for VAT Registration in the UAE:

    a. Trade license
    b. Certificate of incorporation
    c. Emirates ID
    d. Articles of Association
    e. Bank Account details
    f. Description of business activities
    g. Last 12 months turnover
    h. Projected future turnover
     i. Expected values of imports and exports
     j. Expecting any GCC supplies
    k. Details of Customs Authority Registration

It is advisable to have all the above documents and information in hand prior to starting the VAT Registration.



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